Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cable success!

I have finished the bottom, back half of Codi!! Woo hoo!! I did a lot of it while I was catching up on Tivo'd Grey's Anatomy reruns. Yes, I actually got to watch the Tivo since Erik was out playing with Michael at an LS1 g-t-g. Now I am on the waist chart, which should'nt take long. It is only 20 rows. The big question is, do I want to make a belt for it? I guess I will see how much yarn I have left. I think I am on skein #4, so my yarn calculations should work out.

Yesterday, a bunch of us took the day off and went to Hurricane Harbor. The lines weren't as long as they were in previous years, but they still were fairly long. We do this once a summer. Everyone takes a day off in the middle of the week and we go have fun. So, needless to say, no knitting got done yesterday.

Erik's bathroom is soooo close to being done. We have had issues with pretty much every part of the process.
#1) Of course, the bathtub didn't fit, so we had to make 'modifications'.
#2) The trim (aka beauty ring) for the single shower handle wouldn't work with our setup, so I have to dig in the spare parts at my office to find one that would.
#3) The house is farm from square, so I used caulk to hide my errors in the trim work.
#4) There were no water shut-offs under the sink, so we had to install them, as well as new flexible lines from the wall, so we could install the fancy faucet that I picked out.
#5) The above-mentioned fancy faucet has no water pressure, so I have had to pick out yet another fancy faucet. I really hope the issue isn't the new lines or shut-offs. The new-new faucet has yet to be installed.

What is a DIY remodel without those annoying little problems reminding you that you should have had a professional do it all along!?!

Did I mention that the Xbox 360 that I purchased 8 months ago for Erik decided to start locking up? Yup. I am another statistic. After working flawlessly for 8 months, my launch console has begun to malfunction. This is very convenient since the warranty only lasts for 6 months and Walmart didn't offer and extended warranty.
I contacted Micro$oft to troubleshoot and in the end decided to have them make a repair order. A $130 repair order. From what I have read on the forums, I send them my 360 and they send me some other refurbished unit, which is not my original, in return.
I have also noticed that the frequency of 'failures' has increased recently, most occuring after the warranty period. At least with the 'repair' I get an additional 90 day warranty.
I love the product, when it is functioning properly. When it just, out of the blue, malfunctions is when I have a problem with it.

Sorry, I had to vent.

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