Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reunion Weekend

Last weekend was Erik's family reunion. Of course, this year was my fifth year to go and the third with Erik. Let's think about this one. For those who don't know, I was once engaged to EriK's cousin, EriC. Well, EriC decided to come this year, the first time since he left me.

Things were civil. I even hugged him bye. The DBF, EriK, said it right, kill him with kindness, and that is what we did. Sorry, but I will always know that the ex is a liar and a cheater. Maybe that is why EriK and I have a rule of no BS. We share what we feel and have no secrets. Its always worse when you lie and then get caught.
OH! Knitting!! Yes, I knit a little while I was at the reunion. Something simple that I didn't really have to use a chart, so I worked on The Baby Brother Blanket! From what I can figure, I am about 25% finished with it. Hopefully, I will finish it by Christmas.

I also picked up another knitting book yesterday, "Now You're Knitting". I found it at Sam's Club for $15.88. Not bad for such a HUGE book, and it is MOSTLY patterns!!!! I just checked the retail price and it is regularly $34.95!!! WOW!! I got it for less that 1/2 price!!!

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