Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DIY is not always fun! (plus, Kitty pic!) POST #200 (on the old blog)!!

This weekend, I kinda forced Erik to remodel his bathroom. Oops. His mother bought him a tub/shower for Christmas in 2004 and it has been sitting in his shed since then. This would be that big of a deal, except, his existing shower (no tub) had holes in it and was probably older than me. Mind you, it has been this way for at least 2 years.

So... Saturday, the old shower was torn out. See the mysteriously hidden window that was hidden by old shower and paneling?? This was the fun part (really).

Plumbing, on the other hand, was left to the 'professional', Mr. Jason. I think we got him divorced because he didn't get home until 1:30am-ish.

Of course, the biggest part was getting a 60 inch shower in a 58 inch space. When you remove a door frame AND remove the drywall AND notch out some studs, you can make it fit!! LoL Oh! We also made the one-piece backsplash into a three-piece unit so we could get that in.

Once we had everything 'in' and functioning enough to bathe, we quit for the night. Erik got the first bath.

Sunday, I pulled up the old vinyl squares and put new one's down. I missed a few spots, because I have to put wood filler down to even out the floor a little.

Yesterday, we installed the new green-board above the shower unit and I started caulking the actually tub/shower on the top and bottom. I am going to have work on the not-so-factory seams that we created. I think I can handle it. I also had to order a different knob trim piece so our pretty knob can sit flush with the rest of the shower, and we have to fix the faucet to it also sits flush. He he he. At least we can still take a bath!!

Still a few more things to do. I'm sure Erik is mad that I am adding things to do as we go, like putting in a new vanity top/sink!!

Here is a pic of what we removed from the bathroom. It is a giant pile of junk!!

But, behind that pile, is a sweet momma-cat and her babies.

She says that we make too much noise!!

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