Friday, May 19, 2006

Meetup, yarn, and a new pattern booklet!!

I went to Meetup last night and had a ton of fun!! Knit Angel and I made a little swap. She gave me 4 balls of the Sassy Stripes that I love in Polo and Crayon and I gave her all of the dishcloth cotton that I had. My hands just couldn't handle the stuff. I knit continental and it would leave a raw spot on my finger and I couldn't knit for a day or so. So she got it since she is on a dishcloth kick right now, and I would rather make a swap than just buying it off of her anyways.

I also bought a new pattern booklet. It is the Berroco #244 booklet. I received my Patternworks catalog yesterday and it was in there. Of course, I would rather give business to my LYS's than wait for shipping, so I asked Miss Wanda if she has this one in stock, and sure enough, she did!! I just want to make Codi (the cover pattern). I have another one of these long cardigans and I love it, so I figured I could make my own!

I don't think I am going to use the yarn that is called for. Instead, I think I am going to use KnitPicks Shine Worsted, the same yarn that I sent my SP7, Katie.

Colors I'm thinking of using:I like them all, so maybe over time I will make them all, who knows. I'm off to go do work stuff now. YUK! I just keep reminding myself, I will be in Galveston until Tuesday!!

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