Monday, April 10, 2006

Yarn shortage?!?!?

What a tease!!

First I have to show you this. It is Erik at the Dallas Auto Show on Friday. Since they wouldn't let him actually sit in the Camaro concept, he settled for the free pic in the Corvette.

After I cleaned house for most of the day on Saturday, I had this nagging feeling that my KnitPicks order was waiting for me at the office. So, I headed up there and sure enough it was!!

(Please excuse the BRIGHT pics. I'm using the other camera.)
Of course, as soon as I got it home I opened it. I have been waiting to get my yarn meter for a while now and I already had yarn waiting, on the table, to be 'metered'. [giggle]
Of course, I can't successfully make an order from KnitPicks without ordering yarn. I can't remember the yarn I bought, but I think the arrows are correct! I blog at work and knit at home, go figure!! Ok, ok. I knit at work too, but I only take the project I am working on at the time!!

Back to my shortage!! I was starting to play with the yarn meter with some commercially produced yarn (aka Yarn #1). I won't mention the name, because there is no real reason to. Anyways, I multiplied the yardage by 3, because the yarn meter measures in feet and there are 3 feet in a yard (or so I thought, lol). I then divided it in half because I want to make a pair of toe-up socks from two different, but similar, skeins of yarn (half one colorway, half the other).

So I run the yarn from the meter to the ball winder and begin 'metering'. I complete one ball of 246 feet of Skein A. I then continue to 'meter' and ball the rest of that skein and end up about 15 feet short of 246. Hmmm.... Alrighty then! I proceed to Skein B and measure out 246 feet for the first ball and then for the second I was about 20 feet short!! WTFreak!! So I paired a big ball with a small ball and decided one sock would be in the order of AB and the other BA. No biggie. I'm a girl that is not afraid to wear unmatched socks. Plus, this type of yarn doesn't have any sort of stripe pattern, except for one called ramdom!

On to Yarn #2. It was approximatly 440 yards, so I did the same math, which gave me 660 feet, so I could make two socks. I balled up the first just fine, but the second (less than) half was short. So I took the shortage out of the first ball and then divided it in half, so each sock-to-be would have the same yardage.

THE MORAL of the story!! Use the yarn meter to measure out exactly how much you have before you start doing math or cutting yarn and then use it again to measure out your individual balls!! Don't forget that the yardage on a label is most likely determined by weight or is measured with the yarn stretched out, because it is a little elastic.

The yarn meter is worth the purchase, if you are a serious one-skein-a-holic like I am. Of course, using it exlains why you never buy enough yarn for a project, eventhough you buy the amount stated in the pattern!

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