Friday, April 21, 2006

PLUG: Stuff on Ebay

Forgive me for posting this, but I have a few items up for sale on Ebay, mostly Sailor Moon (comics/manga), but I also have Artemis Fowl and The Neverending Story (books). I need money for more yarn!! Just kidding. I could use more yarn, but I don't need it (yet).

I do want some more of the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, which I can't seem to find locally anymore. I know it's acrylic, but it really knits up soft and fast.

On with the regular post...

Erik and I were having that goofy argument/discussion of who loves who more. His best argument was, "Well, I love you more because you make the jewelry I bought prettier." Ok, that was kind of cheesy. Mine was, "I love you more because I knit thousands of little bitty stitches to make socks for your feet!" Personally, I think I won, because he shut up after that and gave me a kiss.

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