Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Still looking...

Still no templates that I like. Oh well. I give up! I have spent the day trying to find a great template that no other (knitting) blog has and that I like. :oP

I took down my progress bars because, I really only have one project going at once. Maybe I should have a stash scale there instead, since it is ever-growing.

Oh yeah. The knitting! That's why you come here!! I am about half way through with the gussets on the first Jaywalker sock for my DBF. They are slowly coming along. but they are still being worked on. The heel went by QUICK! I think I finished it in an hour or so. I can't remember. We were watching The 40 Year Old Virgin. which was very enjoyable. Of course, the DBF and Muffin (one of our friends) go back and forth saying, "You know how I know your gay?"

I am really itching to start my own Jaywalkers. I have the yarn, and the needles. Maybe I should finish the first of the DBF's, make the first of mine, then back to the DBF's for the second, and then finish with my second. I think the Brooklyn Handspun would appreciate it! That's exactly what I will do!! Great! Glad we talked this over!!

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