Thursday, March 02, 2006

A little update...

Cooter is doing much better. He got his drain-tubes taken out on Tuesday. Since he has been on special wet food for a couple days, he really doesn't want his regular dry food. I had to bribe him by adding water to his food. ROTTEN!

On knitting fiber, I have done a few more rows on Ed's first sock. I also successfully crocheted the head and mouth portion of Kitty-chan!! The proportions appear to be more on target with crochet. DUH!! I'm still having a few challenges deciphering the instructions.

There is one thing that sort of cheered me up (besides my DBF) when all the doggie-drama was really going on. I got to work and I had yarn waiting for me. Not just any yarn. Instant Gratification Sock Yarn from Hill Country Yarns in Bluebonnet and Cowboy !! It may have taken three weeks to get it, but it is so YUMMY and worth it!!! Makes me want to start even more socks!! But I have to finish Ed's Jaywalkers and another pair with my Brooklyn Handspun.

Thought I would show my first ball of Trekking XXL, too!!
You could say that I'm on a sock yarn binge right now! LoL

I have finally caught up on listening to KnitCast, Cast-On, and About Time. I am almost done with FiberCast. And then there are the one's that I haven't even started, Knitting New Cast, Pointy Sticks, and Secret Knitting. I really want to create a short segment for one of these wonderful podcasts, preferably Cast-On, but I have no idea what to say!!!

I also started to rearrange the craft room a little. I am thinking that I need to get a dresser for all of my other non-fiber craft stuff. I have felt, glue, beads, feathers, construction paper, glitter, pom-poms, pipecleaners, fake fur, fabric, and more!! What should I do with it all!?! I know as soon as I get rid of it, I will want or need to use it!! I might as well break down and start driving slowly past garage sales to look for some storage. If anyone else has any fantabulous ideas, let me know!!

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