Thursday, February 16, 2006

Taco No Bueno

I really hate it when I go to Taco Bueno and they ask me if I want hot sauce. Because, no matter what I say, they will put at least two of those messy little containers in my bag. Of course, then it gets all over my napkins and ruins them. I used to take them out of the bag and set them on the drive-thru counter, but I have given up.

I also have a little knitting news. I have finished about half a leg of my DBF's socks. They are turning out really cute. The tweedy pattern of the yarn really takes away from the stitch pattern, but you can still tell that they are Jaywalkers. I plan on making another pair for myself in either my Valentine's Secret Pal yarn or the Brooklyn Handspun that I got.

I also have taken a stab at adapting this pattern from Japanese crochet to English knit. I believe Super Eggplant made a couple of these and I loved them. I used Babelfish to 'translate' it from Japanese to English, which was quite amusing. At least there is a table near the end that shows you how many stitches need to be on each row.
I am about half way through the knit-prototype as I am typing this. I attempted to crochet, but I really can't remember how! LoL I even pulled out my Idiot's Guide to Knitting and Crocheting and The Art of Knitting & Crochet 2 DVD. I got it started, but I didn't like the big hole that I got when I started crocheting in the round.

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