Thursday, February 02, 2006

More little tidbits of me...

Every morning I go to work and survey what my day will be like and then I go get breakfast (usually a McD's breakfast burrito and a large OJ). While I am enjoying my breakfast, I read all of my favorite blogs and check my email. I am a creature of habit, what can I say.

Today, I did just that. See Eunny Knit has a new pattern up for an argyle vest. She is also experimenting with Paypal and selling her designs. Then I read Yarn Yenta and she had been working on a pattern for Knitty. WOW! Such creativity and passion!!

I, personally, have no desire to create completely original patterns!! LoL It is true that I will adapt a pattern to suit my needs or my ideas, but creating one is totally out of the question (unless it is using KnitWare). I have so many things I want to make that already have patterns!! I have at least a 2in binder full of ones from magazines and the web, not to mention my knitting book collection!! I think my to-knit list is pretty long!! It is also destined to be longer with all of the new and innovative patterns that cross my screen and pass through my hands!!

Designers, keep designing and creating! I will be content to watch your designs come alive in my hands!!

Lookie what I found!!! I was reading up on the yarn that Santa brought for my DBF's socks. On Yarn Forward, they say:
"Lang Jawoll Superwash is a beautiful yarn, designed for socks, but this yarn is soft and fine, and also makes great sweaters and other garments. It is 75% wool, 18% nylon, and 7% acrylic. It comes in a 45 gram (1.6 ounce) ball with a separate spool of reinforcing yarn inserted into the centre of the main ball. The reinforcing yarn weighs 5 grams and is intended to reinforce the heels and toes of socks. It is colour coordinated with the main yarn. It knits as a three ply yarn. Two balls (100 grams) will make a large pair of men's mid-length socks."

With this, I decided to stick my finger inside the little skein and there it was!!! The reinforcing yarn!! Why am I so happy about this?? I would have never thought of this!! I'm sure I have read about it somewhere before, but that was probably before I knew how to make socks.

It's kind of like the cream filling in a Twinkie!!

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