Monday, January 30, 2006

Soooooo bad!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Knitting didn't happen until the weekend!! I got a couple more inches done on Tubey on Saturday! It was great! Ed was helping a friend move, so I got to sit on the couch and watch Wonder Woman (my fave superhero) with Shannon all afternoon!! Linda Carter is a goddess!! I love her!! I knit for about 3 hours, then I took a nap, and then I knit for another hour!! My hands were so tired! LoL

I also started MK Tubey II (Machine Knit Tubey II) on Sunday. It took me about 10 minutes to convert the pattern to the Bond, but I was knitting in no-time! I knit and seamed the sleeve portion last night. With it being knit on the machine, I have to make flat pieces and then seam them. I figure I will make two body pieces and then seam them as well. Not really Tubey, but it is based off that pattern! I will post pictures tomorrow (I hope!)

MK Tubey II Info
Method: Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine / EZ Knittr Hybrid
Yarn: Plymouth Galway and KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (OMG! This yarn is great on the Bond! See comments below.)
Colors: Coal, Mulled Wine, Asparagus, Spruce, Hush, Rain
Pattern: Self-Modified Tubey Pattern

Yarn Comments: I have only successfully used acrylic on the Bond. My only attempt at cotton lasted about 5 minutes and resulted in the yarn being hurled across the room (and wound back up apologetically). My favorite is Caron Simply Soft because it works so fast with little to no errors. So you can see why I was a little aprehensive about using another natural fiber on the machine.

I started with the Galway and work was slow going. There was little-to-no difference in the texture (when fondling by hand) of the Galway and WotA, so I figured they would work up the same. NOPE! The Galway seemed to stick and it made the black portions a pain. The color changes were a whole lot easier because they were with the WotA.

Once the Galway was gone (and happy dance was performed), I started using the WotA full time! It worked up soooooo much easier!!! The gauge and the texture of the finished fabric were the same, but the way the Bond reacted to each of them was totally different.

ATTENTION BOND MACHINE KNITTERS: Your machine will L-O-V-E the KnitPicks Wool of the Andes!! If you ever wanted to make a wool sweater on your Bond, this it the stuff to use!!!

I have another knitting goal for 2006! I really want to do a cable project! I love Rogue, but I think I would seriously screw it up! I have seen some Celtic knotwork tattoos where the artist got lost in the knotwork and ended up having to fill it in. Does anyone have any simple cable project suggestions?? The DBF could use a new hat and I would love a cable scarf. Mom says she would love one too!!

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