Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I am now offically closer to 30 than I am to 20. I turned 26 on Saturday, which made for a fantastic weekend!!

Friday nite, a few of us went out to Dallas to celebrate. We went to a Uropa, a trendy club that I haven't been to before. We were having a fine time when I accidently walked 10 feet away from the trendy (male) bartender as he went back to the trendy girl he was talking to.

As soon as I realized that Robyn bought the drinks, I walked back up there to apologize and give him a $10 tip for my 'mistake'. After I apologized, he said "Don't f***ing do that again!" I should have told him that he should have been paying attention and to get his trendy head out of his know.

The rest of the night was great!! The finally started playing some techno and my DBF and I tore up the dance floor!!

When we got home, Ed let me open the Jared bag he had been taunting me with all evening!! It was a BEAUTIFUL diamond heart pendant!!! Can that boy choose jewelry or what!?!? I wish I could take a better picture of it!!

We were a little hung over Saturday, but that didn't stop us from watching Matthew's (my DBF's nephew) swimming lessons and going to my favorite homecooking diner/restaurant, Bluebonnet Cafe, with my DBF's grandparents and mom. It was so nice to see Grandpa looking sooooooo much better than he has looked in a while. That was a birthday present in itself!

That night, we went to dinner with my mother to Sushi Sam, the greatest sushi bar in town! I got all of my favorites; red snapper, tuna, yellow tail, and ebi tempura. YUM!!! Mom and Ed even had a little saki (not my favorite) and they let us take home the little bottle it was in. It even rained like I hoped it would!!

Sunday, it rained for most of the day, so we (yes, we) worked on the pickup in the garage. We removed and reinstalled the perfectly good starter, as well as installing a new ignition switch. After that, I got to work on Tubey for about 3 or 4 hours!! I am already down to the 3rd CC stripe!! The neglected Tivo got some much needed attention!!

So do you think I had a pretty nice weekend?? I think I did too!!!

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