Friday, November 25, 2005

Football, knitting, and no DBF

Isn't it great! I get to watch THE game (A&M vs Texas) in my home without any of those horrible Texas fans. Yes, I am an Aggie fan and my DBF is a TU fan. Makes in interesting around this time of year.
He left for Houston this morning to go and visit one of his friends for Thanksgiving. That means I have the house to myself and I get to play with his Christmas present. I also get uninterupted knitting time. I have a three Christmas presents that I haven't even started yet!! Gotta go start!!
I figure after the game, I will start transferring my Knitty Gritty episodes from the Tivo to DVD. I can knit and do that at the same time.
I plan on putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping some presents, and cleaning house. Yes, I am already about half-way finished with shopping. Of course, I started in July buying something here and something there. More like, "Dad would LOVE this, but he has to wait until Christmas!"
So here's to Texas going down, Christmas presents, and KNITTING!!!

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