Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And off we go!!

'Christmas shopped' for about 12 hours yesterday [wink]. That is all I can say (for now). While I was 'shopping' did get pretty far on the first leg of the Knit.1 Cropped Pants. The gauge on this pattern is hinky. I am knitting loose-ly and I am still coming up with too many stitches and rows per inch. Oh well. I decided to make the large size to compensate for the gauge issue.

I have also given up on the dog sweaters for this year. I keep having size issues. The Knitware software doesn't seem to compensate well for my oddball dogs. Small Miniature Pinscher, Fat & Tall Rat Terriers, and Mutt are not size options in the program. I did end up buying each of them fancy new sweaters. I will post pictures around Christmas.

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