Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lost dog?? Found family....

My DBF and I were somewhat adopted by a stray dog with no collar last night. We were sitting on his back porch, when this wonderful little boy came and sat down with us. Very well behaved and taken care of little man. It was 8pm and the shelter wasn't open, so we decided to tie him up until today when it opened up. We looked around the neighborhood to see if any one was looking for him with no luck.

This little guy is amazing!! Barely barks. Doesn't jump up on you. No food aggression. Follows fairly well without a leash. Very comfortable riding in the truck. He appears to be pretty much full grown at about 35 to 40lbs. This is by judging teeth and paw size.

Today, we took him to the Haltom City Animal Shelter, just in case someone is looking for him. We did end up putting our names down as the first choice for adoption, if his owners don't come look for him.

It was the right thing to do. I really hope he finds his family, but if he doesn't, he will have one waiting for him here. I am more than happy to pay the $20 adoption fee to the underfunded HC Animal Shelter.

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