Friday, October 07, 2005

Another new baby....

Well, Mr. Stray (aka Rusty) has found a home. No one claimed him, so we got the little booger. The pic on the left is of Cooter and Haus. The one on the right is of Rusty. The pic makes him look a lot bigger than he is. Three boys in one house!! It is a whirlwind. It is nice in the evenings when everyone calms down. Cooter and Haus just take their places on the couch, and Rusty politely asks.

FUNNY STORY ALERT! I figured out that Rusty is house trained. He kindly embarassed me in Petsmart. We went in to get a tag, toy, and flea shampoo. About half way through shopping, he started whining and kind of pulling for the door. As we were checking out, he decides to squat and make the largest, stinkiest poo that he can (while watching me the whole time). I think he was saying, "I'm not as dumb as you think I am". I just thought he didn't like the store. At home he whines at the door and will go outside if he has to go.

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