Monday, July 11, 2005


I had the most wonderful experience at a local yarn shop called Simpatico Yarns on Thursday. First of all, I had seen this shop around the corner from my office for the past couple of years. I thought it was office space, until I Googled it. It was a YARN SHOP!!!
Much to my delight, the lady in there was sooo helpful!!! I was a little intimidated bringing in the sweater I am working on. Mind you, it is my first sweater. She was so interested in my work and helping me!!
We pulled a skein of each type of yarn that might remotely work for a fancy trim. I finally settled on
Berroco Sizzle. I already had some Fun Fur that wasn't flashy enough by itself, but putting these two together made for a FANTASTIC fuzzy trim!!!
THANK YOU MARY JANE!!!! If you guys live near Bedford, Texas you have to check this place out!!!

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