Thursday, June 02, 2005

What is "Robyn's Wrap"?

My best friend, Robyn, has this Ann Taylor wrap that is pretty much 1/3 of a knit afghan. It has pockets for you to hold it on and fringeon the ends. Of course, I said, "Hey! I can make one of those!" I found some RedHeart Grande that I really liked. I can't think of the color right off hand.

I knit it using every other needle and KP4 on the Bond USM. It is turning out really cool. Now Robyn wants one in black and pink!! I have to finish this one first. Just need to make the pockets andblock it so it won't curl. I also need to put the fringe on it, butthat is super easy! I will post comparison pics, when I get a chance.Is anyone else excited that Boho is back and knitting is trendy??? LoL

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